" I received my MS yesterday complete with your detailed letter and marked MS. THANK YOU! Your professional eye caught all the toes on my clay feet--EXACTLY what I needed. The real gift was your acknowledgement that enough of it "works" to keep moving forward. Writing articles warn about editors who "edit out" your voice and try to make it their own. You kept perspective and gave specific direction, enabling me to enhance my own story/voice. Again, I appreciate every syllable of review and coaching you supplied and am eager to start working again on the MS. And am!"

 ~~Jan Walker

"As you probably heard, the Writing Track was the hit of Cancun U, and a big reason was  . . . you!
So many participants came up to me to say how much they appreciated your hands-on style and your specific suggestions on how they could improve their writing. They loved your warmth and your obvious passion for what you do. Please know how much I appreciated your above-and-beyond efforts to serve our group.  You were so generous with your time and advice, and I know everyone was grateful to you for so willingly sharing your expertise and right-on advice. "

 ~~Sam Horn, Author and Consultant

"There are only two kinds of people in the world and the prototypes of each were here in the same room.
            One type comes into the room and says,
           'Well!!...here I am'                   
But the other comes into the room and says.
           'Ahh !!... there you are'
Cathleen Rountree is of the second type, a pleasure to meet, talk with and to hear. Besides she gave me what I came to hear, encouragement and incentive to write, with some helpful hints on getting it done. Thank you Cathleen."

 ~~ Tom Bohn

" Hopefully you've had an opportunity to recover a bit after having given so much of your self in Cancun .  It was pure delight to have the privilege of sitting under your teaching and experiencing your presence.  You are truly "alive" in every sense of the word.  And you bring that life to others.  What a gift you have - both in wisdom and in the ability to share your heart."

~~Glenna Salsbury, Author and Speaker

" I really enjoyed meeting you at NSA Cancun.  Thank you for sharing the
relevant and inspiring information."

~~Thomas F. Chan

"Now that I have my computer working once more I didn't want to delay in again thanking you so much for the remarkable job you did for us at Cancun U.  You went way beyond expectations and the buzz will linger for a very long time. Even as I dropped in and out of your session I picked up very valuable lessons.  Can only imagine what the real students received from you!  Actually I know that a couple of them have attributed deity status to you which I fully understand! Got a lot of great feedback about the book too. "

~~Ian Percy, Consultant, Speaker
President of National Speakers' association

"Cathleen Rountree gave me invaluable encouragement at the early stages of writing my first novel. She helped me find the discipline to dive in and the strokes to swim around in that big ocean called The Idea. She kept me afloat and headed for the shore whenever I got close to sinking. Not only was she a helpful coach, but an enthusiastic cheerleader, and I always felt she was pulling her oar in synch with mine. I wouldn't be as far along in my creative process without her inspired mentoring. Thank you, Cathleen!"

~~Michele Musy, Author of "The Adventures of Diana and Cleo" series

"Cathleen Rountree is a gifted mentor in every sense of the word. She possesses the dual gifts of being a professional writer herself and also being a talented writer's mentor, which means she is able to articulate the unique challenges of the writing profession and offer creative strategies for facing these challenges. Cathleen Rountree is one of those rare people who can both do and teach, and each of these gifts strengthens the other."

~~Katherine Spilde, anthropologist and Senior Research Associate, Harvard University

"Cathleen helped move my book proposal from a vague idea to a concrete document that impressed literary agents and publishers. She effectively conveys the nuts-and-bolts of proposal writing with a passion, creativity, and first-hand knowledge of the book business. As an author and the son of a bookseller, I can say with absolute certainty that Cathleen Rountree's coaching services will propel your writing career years ahead."

~~Ryan Coonerty, attorney & author, "Etched in Stone: America's Enduring Words"

"Well, you did a great job with my book proposal, Cathleen! I sent it to two publishers, and was immediately informed that both would send the proposal to reviewers! It took only a day for each! You get an A+!"

~~Judy Shugishita, Ph.D., Educator, California State University, San Jose

"Cathleen gave me an encompassing range of assistance enabling me to develop all aspects of my project, bringing in the social, political, and contemporary points of view. Steering away from dilettantish exercises she always pushes towards publishable standards. Cathleen is well-versed and introduced new authors and materials on my topic--boxing, which would seem to be a departure from her mainstay."

~~John Velcamp, short story writer & businessman

"In the past year I worked on my nonfiction book proposal every day, in my head. My proposal would have remained a brain itch if not for Cathleen Rountree. Rountree gave me the tools and the encouragement to finally put pen to paper and write. Rountree not only helped me write a strong, professional proposal but a more focused and salable book."

~~Jill Corcoran, writer and publicist

"Cathleen Rountree is an exceptional teacher. She is experienced, knowledgeable and articulate about virtually all aspects of writing and publishing. She possesses the rare gift of being able to provide honest, on-the-mark criticism and guidance within a context of support and encouragement."

~~Sally Jorgensen, artist

"My writing career stagnated until I took classes from Cathleen Rountree. The class on interviewing for profiles launched my weekly profile assignment in a local business newspaper. Ms. Rountree's class on writing a book proposal helped me with journalism proposals as well and I received more assignments. As an accountant, I thought I was good at the business of being a writer. The business of being a writer is unique and she taught me the real approach that works, that brings in money. I went from one weekly column to three in about six months using her wisdom."

~~Susan Mueller, freelance writer.