A one-time-only consultation with Cathleen Rountree, the Writer's Mentor (by phone or in person), is $300 for two hours. All telephone consultations are pre-paid.


The core of the Writer's Mentor service is an ongoing one-on-one coaching relationship that meets by phone once each week, four times per month. (In a five week month, one week is off.) Each coaching session lasts thirty minutes. The fee for each session includes an additional thirty minute period to read new material and otherwise help the client (reading e-mails, providing reminders, finding research leads, etc.). The month's fees are due in full prior to the first session of each month.



The Diagnostic Process includes discussion, by phone or in person, of your application form, any material that may be read by your coach, and the exploration of how a 16-24 week one-on-one coaching program would work for you. We then build a framework within which to work together. The Diagnostic Process is the first stage of work with Cathleen Rountree, the Writer's Mentor. This is a pre-requisite to the on-going weekly coaching service.

$300 for two hours


If you are bringing a substantial writing project into the coaching relationship to work on, TWM requires a Manuscript Evaluation performed separately. Your coach reads your work and provides a 2-page evaluation of the project from both creative and commercial perspectives. This helps us both in the initial diagnostic and goal-setting process.

Or you may wish TWM to do a Manuscript Evaluation only.

$125 per hour.
(All manuscripts MUST be double-spaced, with ample margins, in an easy-to-read font.)


These are scheduled on the first Saturday of each month. This day long workshop (from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) is focused on GETTING YOU WRITING. It is an ideal way to produce a large amount of work in a limited amount of time. If you are suffering from "page fright," writer's block, or procrastination, this highly structured workshop is for you. Each Intensive includes a maximum of six participants and each writer receives a thirty minute private consultation with Cathleen Rountree. We begin the day by writing a statement of purpose and then we write, write, write. Many clients find this to be an affordable opportunity to work with the Writer's Mentor and take this workshop on a regular basis.



One-on-one, face-to-face intensive coaching designed to make significant progress in a condensed time period can be arranged. This is excellent for the busy professional who has trouble writing on a daily basis because of other work commitments. A private intensive of from one to five days includes up to four hours of private coaching per day at a beautiful location in northern California. Each intensive includes a one hour follow-up session with your coach by phone.

Please note: this is strenuous and demanding work and best suited for writers who already have a strong idea of their project and their goals.

$695 per day. (Room and board are separate and can be arranged by TWM at cost.)



These five and six day group intensives are currently in development. The Writer's Mentor Intensives are on-site coaching workshop/retreats held in various locations throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico. Intensive workshop/retreats are a chance to deeply connect with your work in a highly supportive atmosphere and physically beautiful environment. They are a great way to get some writing done in a highly supportive atmosphere.

Each intensive participant has one hour of private coaching per day in addition to large blocks of free time in which to write and read. Upon request an intensive can include a master class on some aspect of the writer's craft such as the process of rewriting and revising, finding your writer's voice, or improving descriptive writing. Finally, each intensive includes a follow-up session with your coach by phone.

Each Intensive includes a maximum of six participants.
Clients may arrange to have Intensive writing retreats organized for their individual writing groups.